Sunday, April 3, 2016

Lepakshi Visit

It was end of March, the summer was just started. We were looking for a short trip near to Bangalore‬. Lepakshi fits into that, which is just at little as more than hundred kilometers. We started late in morning from Whitefield and took the airport road. Traffic was not bad as it was Saturday. Reaching to Devanahalli took one hour. After that we moved on NH44 Hyderabad road. This road is one of the best roads we have in country, I guess. Four lane road on both sides with service roads, diverted out of passing towns and not much traffic load, make the drive excellent. Speed more than one-forty looks very comfortable to me. As there is almost no crossing road, one hardly have to press brake. Next seventy kilometers did not take much time. Then we took diversion for Lepakshi. Last fifteen kilometers road was also fine. So after total two hours drive we reached to Lepakshi.

The small town welcomes tourists with a Big nandi at its entrance. Signboards are pretty good. Then comes the APTRC run Haritha hotel. Lepakshi temple is very near to that. We parked our car there and we had to run inside temple as Sun was on top and floor was baking. Temple is well maintained. After spending one hour we came out and went to buy toy for my son. We had food which we brought from home. The return drive was again great. Driving on Hyderabad road was one of the best drives I had. In next two hours we were back to home. Lepakshi trip took only half day and take you far from Bangalore busy day to give a refreshing experience.