Friday, July 29, 2011

Bike Trip to Nandi Hills

It was a Sunday again and I wanted to make it to good use. I had an idea of going to Nandi Hills since couple of weeks and finally last weekend we could go there. We started at one pm from Marathalli by bike and after fifteen minutes we could hit the Hebbal flyover. After that there was very less traffic. Roads were wide but construction was going on for most of the drive up to airport. After crossing toll, road was very nice and decent. We crossed Jain temple which was at hills and scenic. After some distance from there we left NH7 and entered Nandi road. In next fifteen minutes we reached to the checkpoint. Road was bend after that and went through number of curves before we reached to the top of hill. The drive to the top was exciting. Climate during the complete drive was good and a drizzling was going on always. In between we stopped twice due to rain. It was a total seventy kilometers drive and watch was showing three pm now. We took entrance tickets and entered inside which was Tipu's summer palace once. It started raining again and we went to nearby stilt area, waited for some time and fortunately rain stopped soon.

 We roamed on hills and reached to the cliff where we could see the panoramic view of valley. Sky was cloudy. We could have some great shots from our camera at that point. After spending some good time there we came down to parking area. We left early from there as weather was rainy. Drive back to home was amazing too. In next two hours we were back to home. On Nandi road we saw ladies of local villages selling grapes, not sure if there are grapes  farms nearby but whole area near to Nandi hills is awesome and it deserve to visit a number of times.