Friday, June 4, 2010

Three years with GE

I still remember the day; Alok Nanda rendered me the offer letter. Getting a job offer from GE was like a dream come true which I never dreamt of before that night. On 4th June 2007, I joined GE with a great sense of delight, fulfillment and expectations. Today I completed three years to be part of it. Now when I look back into these three years, it was a wonderful journey in deed. It was full of challenges, lot of learning and good exposure of global experience. John F Welch Technology Centre of GE in Bangalore is one of the beautiful campuses of this country and this centre has a great pool of human resource. You can get a number of experts of any field or work domain.
I met a number of people who are so good in technical as well as in other skills. I am fortunate that I learnt few things from these people and still doing it. Apart from good work buzzing around, you will always see people in football ground or on Snooker table or in gym or in a book review or just sitting near lake. So it will not be exaggeration if I will say that it’s a great place to learn and a great palace to work.

In last three years I had a lot of learning for my professional growth as well as for my personal traits. I would like to share three of those. Starting the career is very decisive occasion for one. This is one of the transition phase where one should start shifting the gear of thought process to “Love what you do” from “Do what you love”. My General Manager had a better example to convince. Marry a girl whom you love but love the girl whom you got married. One should not get carried away with “change the job” syndrome but try to build a career. We should help us adapt ourselves to any given situation and so increase our comfort zone.

One of the other learning is to – “Go with the solutions than the problem”. Whenever we get a problem or got an issue, use all our resource, do whatever we can but go to your manager or technical leader with few possible solutions rather than problem itself.
This will bring a confidence in leadership for one’s ability and build a better rapport with the team.

Third one is the one which I value a lot and that is – “One extra degree effort”. There should be completeness in our work. No matter how much one is hassled for early finish or on time delivery or productivity or any other management tool or process itself; quality of work is supreme. This is the first and most important aspect of work and without which it will never get acknowledged.

It was very easy for me to inscribe these things here but still I am trying hard to execute these standards in my work. No matter how easy or difficult it is but it is a must and will bring a paradigm swing in the way we work.