Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Soothing Morning in Lalbagh

This was the first time I visited Lalbgh Botanical Garden which is in the center of Bangalore city. I had few guests and I took them for a city sight seeing. Timing could not be better. It was the first Sunday after 15th August when flower show is being organised in Lalbagh. This well famous garden was on its best. It was nine of early morning and garden was just opened. It was less crowded. Weather was very pleasant and so every one of us found this garden very much smoothing. Garden was well maintained and clean as opposite to what most of the people say about it. I never thought it could be so much refreshing. We spent few hours roaming there. I felt its always better to come here early morning. We could see hundreds of pigeon and different birds. Glass house and Rose garden are their attraction but I found bird watching and cool early morning wind very mesmerizing. A pleasant day started with a soothing morning.

After a good time we came out of the sprawling Lalbagh and had a short visit to Tipu Sultan fort which is very nearby. Though there was not much to see here but it is a nice place in the busy surrounding buzzing market. After that we went to Freedom Park which was converted from the central jail to a nice park and museum. Unfortunately in daytime it is closed and open in early morning or late evening only. Then we went to famous ISKCON temple. This was my maiden visit to this magnificent temple and I found it delightful in midst of the "hare krishna" chanting going on. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

11 Means of Success

  1. Nurture Personal Integrity- 100% Do Say ratio/ Ethical business practices.
  2. Love what you do- Give 100% on your job/ One extra degree effort.
  3. Organize time- First thing first/ Under promise-Over deliver/ Say No/ Limit Interruptions.
  4. Influence- Express yourself/ Propose solutions/ Take Initiative.
  5. Communicate and Present effectively- Listen to reflect/ Ask/ Plan & Organize/ Stay on target.
  6. Never complain- Be known for a positive, strong, energetic and enthusiastic person.
  7. Enhance competencies- Read & Research/ Take Course on Skills development or Domain expertise.
  8. Read personal development books- Takeout useful ideas.
  9. Devote time to fun- Pursue active hobby/ Spend quality time with family and friends.
  10. Meditate, Exercise, Pray- Be fit.
  11. Spend sometime with yourself– Review your week (Did I learn something/ Did I forget to compliment someone/ Was I rude).