Monday, December 6, 2010

Trekking in Muthyala Maduvu

Muthyalamaduvu may be tongue twister for many but going to this place from Bangalore is very easy and all you need is one half of your one day. Muthyala Maduvu or you can say ‘Pearl valley’ is only forty two kilometers from Marathalli. This Saturday, I thought of exploring some new places around Bangalore and after reading a blog I decided for this bike trip. At nine thirty morning, I started from home with my cousin. Driving bike in morning is always fascinating and now after having so many newly constructed flyovers on outer ring road and the ten km long Electronic city toll flyover, driving was a great experience. It took us one and half hour only to reach there with a break in between. After the end of the toll, we reached up to Chandapur where we took right and drove ten more kilometers to reach a small town Anekal. From Anekal we drove our bike amid number of sheep herd on a village side road for around five kms and reached the Maurya Nisagra restaurant which is just above the valley and facing the great landscape.

The first impression of this valley was incredible as I was not expecting much. We parked our bike there and moved down with our camera. At start there are hundreds of stairs to reach the first falls. The falls here is like small stream of water only. After having few shots and pictures on rocks we moved inside forest for a trekking. After climbing up, we realized that there is another falls too and for that we had to trek again for one kilometer. There were few people around like us exploring the forest. After a small trekking and so called rock climbing, we reached to another falls. This falls is again a small stream. Here we tried to see why it is called pearl valley. What I felt is; due to small stream when it falls on the rock, it splash and give a feeling of pearl to the viewer. But it is more like when you start feeling you will get a feel. What I was sure is it was a fantastic and great view. This great view of valley was captured again from this point. We had some time for breathing before starting back. So after spending two good hours in valley we reached back to restaurant. We were totally tired and sweat and so had cold drink the first thing. This restaurant is simple but well maintained. Before starting for Bangalore at two, we had good snacks there. Overall this trip was more than my expectation and this place is good enough to explore.