Saturday, October 4, 2014

An Evening in Trichy

It was a business training in Trichy, in late of September. With a three hours flight I reached to Trichy airport which is very small. The week long training was in WRI Welding Research Institute, which is not very far from the city but still outside of it. Hardly I could get time to explore the city in first few days. I with three of my colleagues were stayed in hotel Grand Gardenia. Hotel is located on a very good point which is easily accessible from everywhere still it is out of city's busy places. Stay here was very comfortable. Room was very clean and nicely maintained. Room service was very good and good thing was there were no additional charges for room service. Two restaurants and one bar is there. Food in their Kannapa restaurant has lot of varieties and very helpful in the long stay. Though there are not much amenities but still stay there was very good and recommended.

After four days of stay, we could get some time on Thursday evening. We were able to leave early from WRI and so we directly went to the downtown. The first place we went was Rangnathswamy temple which is more than thousand years old. This is the best example of exquisitely sculpted Dravidian temple. Next stop was Rock fort temple which was at a quite good height. Number of small rock-cut cave temples were accommodated at different elevations in monolithic rocks. Reaching at the top was the tiresome effort. From the top, seeing the panoramic view of city is well rewarding for this effort. Once we came down we were exhausted and so we went to a shop to have very famous milk-shikanji. It was cold and tasty. As it was festival time, market was crowded and busy. I also went to the famous Saratha's Saree Shop and bought two Saree for my mother and wife. That shop was a market in itself with minimum two hundred salesmen. After these four packed hours, we moved back to our hotel. This evening completed my Trichy trip.

Next day we could also visit the big temple in Thanjavur. It was my second visit to this place. Every time you go there you will appreciate it's magnitude and gracefulness. On Saturday, after completion of training, we directly went to the airport to catch the flight. Late in night I reached to my home in Bangalore but I am sure that evening will be in my mind for long time.