Wednesday, June 27, 2018

So You Want to Know About The Environment

I received the book "So You Want to Know About The Environment" as a surprise courier from my brother. Reading it wasn't in my plan. Out of curiosity I went through few pages to understand the context of the book but once I started I could not leave it in the middle.

This book written by Bijal Vachharajni is a delightful and informative read. This is a must read for people who wants to know about Climate change, Food, Waste, Water and Wildlife. Book gives enough information to understand the linkage between our habits and changes in environment. It communicates clearly that its up to us to save our planet and each of us are able to make some contribution from our end to keep our environment green. Author should be appreciated for bringing the facts with lighter notes, stories and jokes. I sincerely wish that this book should be added as part of curriculum for children. This will inspire them and everyone, to bring change that will save our Earth.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Trip to Bandipur Forest

It was a cool Sunday morning. We started our Bandipur trip in early morning so we could skip the city traffic. By seven, we were out of city and on Mysore road. Next two hours morning drive was soothing for everyone. Mysore road is full of good eateries and we stopped at one to have breakfast and tea. In next one more hour we reached to Srirangapatna town. Our first stop was Tipu Sultan's summer palace which is also known as Dariyal Daulat Bagh. Next we went to Tipu's tomb, where Tipu breathed his last during war.  After interaction with Tipu,'s history we were back to road to Bandipur. 

After five hours of drive, we reached to MC resort which is located just at the start of Bandipur forest area. This place is having very calm ambiance and in between small hills. We got four cottage rooms which just have everything one need. Room was not highly spacious but sufficient to give comfortable stay. Room opens into open veranda, a perfect idling place. Ambiance inside is clean and resort has children play area, swimming pool and a good restaurant. Food has lot of variety and were delicious.

After an hour of rest we went to Jungle safari reception point. We booked open jeep for jungle safari. Near reception, monkeys were the point of attraction. They were quick enough to snatch food items from visitors. Safari took us inside jungle which has number of wild animals. Heard of deer can be seen in any corner. We could see peacock, lizards, elephants and other animals and birds. At one water body we waited long for tiger, but we were not fortunate to see this majestic animal of jungle. I believe morning safari has better chance to have a glimpse of them. After two hours of safari we were back to reception point. Then we came back to resort.

Next morning we got ready and enjoyed roaming in the resort before having a heavy and tasty breakfast. We checked out from resort and after an hour long driving we reached to Mysore palace. I have visited it before but for most of the people in our group it was the maiden visit. They were impressed with the beauty and architecture of the palace. Kids enjoyed the elephant ride in the palace backyard. After visiting the palace we had our lunch in a restaurant in downtown. After lunch we started our journey back to Bangalore. Drive on Mysore road is always joyful. Our next stop was at Ramanagaram which is famous for wooden toys. No one can leave these wooden toy shops without being impressed with its craftsmanship. After a tea there, our car was again on the road but it was slowed to minimum once it entered into Bangalore city. Traffic was huge and it took a lot of patience driving in the middle of concrete jungle we have in the city. We could reach home after evening and it was time to appreciate the great trip of Bandipur forest we just finished.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

A visit to Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary

"Kanwar jheel" as called by local people or "Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary" as named in government documents, is about fifty kilometers only from my hometown Dalsinghsarai. Still I never got a chance to visit it before. This lake is also very near to the village of my relative. So when I visited them this time I could get few hours to have a quick visit to the lake as well. 

The Kanwar Lake is located in the Bengusarai district of Bihar. It is 30 Kilometers from Begusarai and 7 Kilometers from nearest railway station DSKS Nagar Garhpura in Samastipur- Khagaria railway. As information available in mu sources, it is the largest freshwater oxbow lake in Asia and is thrice the size of Bharatpur Sanctuary. 60 migratory birds from Central Asia migrate to the lake in winter. About 106 species of resident birds have been recorded. It is a must visit for the bird watchers and nature lovers. There is famous Jaimanglagadh temple in the midst of the sanctuary. Unfortunately wetland area is shrinking, being captured by locals and dying due to pesticides. In last thirty years it shrink-ed to one third. 

When we reached Kanwar lake, it was late afternoon. Our car reached up to temple crossing the narrow lanes. There was no clear information on lake entrance so we took help of google map satellite view to reach to the water body. We passed through slum to reach the lake where number of fishermen were coming back from lake. One fisherman offered us the boat ride in lake in two hundred rupees only. He gave enough time taking us to the far ends of wetland or lake and talked about lake, birds, flower and fauna around. It was not a planed visit and we did not have DSLR camera so we could not take pictures of birds but we enjoyed the beauty of lake and nature around. It was a mesmerized feeling altogether. Hope we can conserve it for next generation as well.

More information and pictures are well captured in below links: