Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday in Kodaikanal

It was last week of November and we planned to go for Kodaikanal for a holiday though it was winter. Being in hill station in winter is all together a different experience. We got train reservation in Tutikorin express which departs at nine thirty in night from Bangalore. It reached to Kodai Road station in morning at seven. Weather was pleasant and drizzling was going on. We had a car booked in advance from there so we started for Kodai hills soon which is eighty KMs from the station. After half an hour, we stopped at a restaurant for breakfast. A beautiful lake was in front of restaurant and a series of hills in background was making it a picturesque place. After that, car went through ghat section and views on the way were pleasant. In between we stopped at Manjalaar dam view point for having some photos. Thalaiyar falls can be seen from here too. Just six KMs before Kodaikanal, we stopped at a falls called Silver Cascade. It was a nice waterfalls on road side. By nine'o clock we reached to our resort "Kodai Resort Hotel". The resort was built on a British cottage and very near to Kodai lake and other local attractions.

After getting fresh and a short rest we came out to have walk on so called Coaker's walk which was very nearby. It was a one KM pedestrian path running along the edge of hill and provide a panoramic view of the valley but we could not have a clear view of plains due to fog and mist. Snow like clouds were roaming beneath us. It was still drizzling, thanks to resort which provides umbrella for each room. After coming out of the Coaker's walk, we went to Bryant park which was again near to our resort only. After spending some time there we came out and reached to Kodai lake. Sun was little out but it was still cold. People were cycling which was available on some nominal charge. We had a look on the beautiful lake. It was a misty view of lake under the fog and mist all over. After that we went back to our resort and had lunch in their restaurant called as Overdane. Restaurant had the resort garden view and food served by them was delicious. After few hours of rest we came out from our room. It was raining again. We went to lake but it was complete fog and weather was very cold so we came back to resort quickly. In night we had a good dinner again. We enjoyed the fire chimney in reception which is more than hundred years old.

Next day, plan was to go to the Berijam lake, for which permission is required in morning from forest department. As it was raining heavy last night, there was no permission to go there. We had a car booked so we went for a local sight seeing. We went to Green Valley view, previously called as suicide point but could not got a view due to mist. We could only see a memorial there. From there we went to Guna's cave called as Devil's kitchen but could not go deep in forest to see it. We went to pine forest nearby and it was a nice place with nice surroundings and flowing natural water, whispering sound all over. After that we reached to Pillar rocks, one of the most popular attraction of Kodai. We were in front of giant stiff but could not catch a view due to very thick mist. Then we went to Bear Shola falls before going back to resort for lunch. After lunch, we went to Kurinji temple. Kodaikanal is famous for Kurinji flower which blossom once in twelve years. We stopped at the beautiful Chetiyar Park then but could not spend some time there as it was very cold outside and drizzling was going on too. We reached back to resort. In evening we went to Kodai lake and had a short walk along lake side. In night, a candle night dinner was arranged by the resort and that was great with the delicious buffet.

On third day, we went for another local sight seeing as permission for Berijam lake tour was not available. We went to La Salette Church first. We went to Moer point and then moved to Pambar falls. Car went through variegated paths of deep valley and unblemished hills. After passing the lush green jungle it stopped at a place from where we walked on steep slippery path to reach Pambar falls. This falls is more famous for the  well popular old Liril soap advertisement shooting place. This was surprisingly beautiful. Water rushes down heavily and surrounding low level trees make its aura magnificent. We had some beautiful photos here. Our next stop was Dolphin's nose. For reaching this point we had to trek 2KM downhills. Moving in forest along with mist and rain was a wonderful experience. We went through uneven passage on hills, passing the chilling water and got tired while reaching. Somehow we reached to this terrific point which is a big rock coming out of the cliff. We went on the top of the rock but could not dare to go up to the edge though our guide tried to convince us. We had some breath taking view at this location. After seeing the Eco point we moved back to the top. In between we had special Kodai tea on a small shop en route. After this tiring but memorable trekking we reached back to resort and had lunch. We still had few hours left which we spent in playing carom and chess in recreation room of  resort. Our stay in Kodai resort hotel was very comfortable. Staffs were courteous; delicious foods, the big garden and comfortable room with all facilities make it worth to stay. We had a walk on Kodai lake before we left for bus stand.  We started back for Bangalore in late evening and reached to home early morning. Fortunately we had booking in sleeper bus of KPN travels to make our journey comfortable.

Memories of  pleasurable beauty and enchanting journey across the green valley of Kodai will be remeembered for a long.