Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rain wash out of Gokarna Trip

It was raining from two in morning. We woke up early, checked out the hotel and reached the Kundapura railway station before seven. Train was at eight and half and of course we had to wait. The morning was beautiful and cool. There was no hurry and sitting on this small railway station had something very unusual from our daily hectic life in Bangalore. Train was late for one hour. At ten, the train arrived and there was huge rush as it was the only train to Madgaon on Friday. We had to go to Gokarna for a day out and rain was still in its flow. Phones of different resorts in Gokarna were not working so I thought of going to Namaste Café resort directly. In between we crossed through Murudeshwar and I could see the Lord Shiva statue and gigantic Gopuram which was miles far from station. The route to Gokarna was very scenic. It went through a number of long tunnels. After one, we reached to Gokarna Road station and rain was at its peak. I hired a taxi and reached the Café at OM beach in next half an hour. Rain was pouring down like it will never come again. We were complete wet even under an umbrella. The restaurant of this café was just at the beach and it was the best place to chill out. As we were wet, we went to reception and got a cottage. The room was very basic, facilities were minimal but as it was cheap so that make it worthy in addition to its location on the beach itself. Now it was not possible to go back to restaurant and even up to eight in night we were confined in our cottage. At this time rain got slowed down for a moment. We went the restaurant which was full of foreigners having beer around and gossiping. It was dark and I could not have a photo of beach. We went back to room and felt sick of this non ending rain. So we decided to go back to Bangalore without visiting any place if rain will not stop in morning.

Rain was still in its best even in the morning, so we packed our bag and went to bus stand. Gokarna doesn’t have good bus or train connectivity so first we took bus for Kumta and from there we had bus for Shimoga. What I realized about Gokarna is that it’s a very lazy town and perfect for a hang around place. Though we could not visit any beaches but it has splendid beaches and one will love sitting idle and walking along it. In route to Shimoga, bus stopped at a place for lunch. A signboard nearby was telling me that Jog falls is only two kilometers far, which was in my original plan but I could have regret only. I just thought of making trip to Jogs some another time. The rain got stopped after thirty six hours and sun was out now before reaching Shimoga. Again we waited for six hours at station as we reached very early and train was in night only. This trip was a complete rain wash out. The only good thing happened in this trip was that we attended a marriage and visited Kodi beach in Kundapura previous day. We also had very good time in Murudeshwara last day. This was the second time I visited this place and it has everything to make you revisit here. Hope I can also make to Gokarna again.