Thursday, August 5, 2010

A hot day in Delhi

Fifteenth July was one of the hottest day of the season and we were in the capital after a visit of Shimla. This was a sudden change of at least fifteen degree temperature and for a Bangalorean it’s too enough to say no to go anywhere. I was in Delhi before, stayed here for a year but never visited any place so thought of visiting few this time. Seema was in Delhi for the first time but it was hard to convince her to go out.

We visited three places and Akshardham temple was the first one. Just situated near the Commonwealth Khel Gaon, this newly built temple is a jewel of Delhi and must to go for any one coming to Delhi. Security there is very strict and even a photography is not allowed.

It has very big campus, catching ambience and marvelous temple. We might have spent some more time but due to hot we left soon from there.

The next place was Humayun”s tomb. This is again very good and shows the Delhi’s Mughal history. The architecture of this palace is same of Tajmahal. This place is well maintained and visited by local as well as foreign tourists in large number. From there we went to Maharauli to see Qutub Minar. We read about this in our text books in our childhood and now had a chance to see it.

The next and final stop for us was a shopping mall GIP in Noida. Here we felt very good as it was air conditioned. In whole day, this is the only place where we felt cool. We had shopping and left for my brother’s house by splendid metro train.