Saturday, April 23, 2011

Temple trip to Thanjavur

Yesterday I spent one good day in Thanjavur. On Thursday night I started from Bangalore by bus with my wife and mother. It was a heavy rain when we started and was tough to get a taxi. The auto we got, struggled a lot amidst rain and traffic chaos for reaching the bust stop in Majestic on time. Bus journey was comfortable but late in reaching Trichy. We hired a car there for Thanjavur and in between I picked my cousin at SASTRA. We reached to hotel Ramnath near new bus stand at late morning and get ready in next one hour. After having dosa and sambhar in breakfast we were set to visit the town.

First we went to the famous Brahadeeswara temple also known as Big temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple built by Chola kingdom is an exemplary of architecture. The wall of this temple is a gallery of art in itself. We had darshan in the temple of lord Shiva and goddess Paravatee. Hundreds of lingams are in the pillared cloister and Nandis on the Wall top make this temple special. After the temple darshan we moved to the Palace. It was about the closing time of Palace tower and Art gallery. Even the person on ticket counter insisted us that we can not make it in fifteen minutes left to close; but we bought the tickets and went inside in rush. Going up to fifth floor and coming down by stairs in hurry ended leg pain. Palace tower view form outside was good but there was nothing particular on top of Palace tower. We made to the art gallery in hurry too and could see the bronze statues of Chola periods and exposition of natraj statues. It was hot noon now and so we were back to hotel. After having a sleep, we went to SASTRA university campus in evening. It was good to see the college campus after a long time. Now we hurried to station to catch our train. The train journey was very comfortable and we reached Bangalore back in early breezy morning.