Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Drive to Kaiwara

It was first Sunday of September, when we had a short drive to Kaiwara which is around sixty kms from Whitefield, Bangalore. This place is mostly known for the religious purpose and its historical and mythological tales of Mahabharata. It took us two hours of driving as most of the road after Hoskote was under construction. After a drive of thirty-five kms on Chintamni road or SH35, we reached to Kaiwara cross. We took a lunch here before we started again. After merely there kms, we reached to Kaiwara town. First stop we had was at Sri yogi narayana Matth. It was a well maintained ashram with a beautiful white painted temple. Look like Ashram was usually utilized for marriage ceremonies. After having a short walk, we moved towards Bhimlengeshwara temple but it was a deserted view there and was not in very good state. Then we moved to Viakuntha temple or Thathya cave which is on a small hill, little outside of town. This temple has a nice view with its rocky landscape and paddy fields side-by. This place must be good for hiking. In front of the cave there was a national park or zoo maintained by forest department but it was mostly having empty look and suggested only for a big group.

Though there was not much thing to do or see in Kaiwara but I loved to drive to this place for its natural beauty and quietness. It again took two hour drive to reach back to our home.