Saturday, March 31, 2012

In Quite Land of Pyramid Valley

Last Friday was Ugadi and I visited the Pyramid Valley on this occasion with my wife and my mother. The Pyramid valley is a new age meditation center and situated on Kanakpura road, 50 KMs from Marathalli in Bangalore. It took us little more than one hour to reach there. The location is very quite and in between of small hills which makes it perfect to feel calm and relaxed. This center is initiated by Brahmarshi Patriji, who claims that doing meditation in pyramid is more powerful. So a grand pyramid of 102 ft height is constructed in the midst of this quite land and which can accommodate five thousands people at a time for meditation. When we entered the valley, we got a brief about meditation at the reception. After that we had a walk inside the beautiful campus before reaching to pyramid entrance. A Buddha statue was situated at the entrance as a symbol of peace. Pyramid was one of the marvelous architecture and built in scientific way to store radiated cosmic energy drawn from the universe. Inside the pyramid, it was a pin drop silence. We sat in a corner and had a short meditation. I am not sure if meditation in pyramid makes a difference as they claim; but quietness and calmness of the surrounding was rejuvenating. In the center of pyramid there was a king's chamber at 34 ft height which they claim to be most energetic spot inside. We went up to there but I could not feel a difference except it was hot so we came down quickly. After spending some quite time inside, we came out and went to the cafeteria. It was lunch time and they serve free lunch. Lunch was very simple but very tasty. We had a walk again in the campus before we headed back for our home. One thing is sure, this is one of the peaceful place to get away but not kind of have fun. The best thing is, they emphasis on natural meditation and peacefulness; not trying to sell something or pitching their thought or asking for anything. The mantra there is 'leave your distractions and observe your breathe".

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Watching a Hockey match

I was excited when I saw the World Series Hockey advertisement for the first time on Neo sports tv channel. Hockey which used to be our national game (still the official one) lost its shine in the midst of cricket and WSH can be the best effort to reinvigorates the people's interest in this game. Unfortunately this effort is struggling between Indian Hockey Federation and Hockey India tussle. Still it managed to make an impact on Indian sports arena.

Last week I planned to go for watching the WSH hockey match with my office teammates and family. We booked the tickets for Karnataka Lions and Mumbai Marines match. I was little apprehensive if people will like a hockey match or even if there will be a crowd in stadium. So before going for match, I googled the basic rules of Hockey and shared with the team. On 8th March late evening, before hockey match, we had a good dinner in "Under The Mango Tree" restaurant in Richmond road which is very near to the Shantinagar Hockey stadium. After that we went to the stadium. Once I reached to the parking area, it was a louder noise coming from the ground. Quickly we moved inside and took our seat. Stadium which is having eight thousand capacity was almost filled. People were very enthusiasts. The turf was of international level though stands were ordinary one. Match was already in action and people were cheering for the home team and famous player Dhanraj Pillai in particular.  Local folk drummers and beautiful cheerleaders were raising the people's enthusiasm. Karnataka team was leading in the first quarter but lost by 1-2 goals with a dominating performance by Mumbai in last two quarter. A local fan who looked like a die-hard supporter and old hockey addict, was shouting a lot. In all these noise I was feeling good to see so many enthusiast people watching and appreciating hockey.