Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vellore fort temple

Last month I went for a long car drive to Vellore, a city in state of Tamilnadu. It was a 200km drive oneway from Bangalore and the longest for me by car.  I with my family started on early Sunday morning and it took four hours to reach there. In between we had a short break. This four hours drive was fun for me. We had to meet a relative there. While returning we thought of checking out the Vellore fort.

Vellore fort which is in the midst of the city is more kind of a temple rather than a fort. Temple is surrounded by a small water channel, which tells that it may be a small fort sometime but is dried now. It was just before the temple closing time and so we entered the premises quickly. There was a small crowd.   We had darshan inside and then we had a walk in the premises and had a close look at its architecture.

While returning my son was not filling well so it was not a very good drive but I could make the return journey safely and in next four hours.