Sunday, March 28, 2010

The paisa wasool show IPL

Its only one day left and I was still waiting for the tickets. I called the customer care and got the reference number for courier. Finally at four in evening, tickets were in my hands. Yeah the tickets I am talking here is of IPL only. 
The IPL match between Bangalore and Delhi which was scheduled on twenty seventh but got preponed for twenty fifth due to BMP election. I had some other meeting clashed with this time too. Mukil agreed to take care of this, so I left the office at one. At two, me and Amit started from our house and reached to Chennaswami at about three.

The road around Chennaswami stadium was completely packed and parking was a tough job. There were some parking zone arranged for match including the Cubbon Park but getting up to there was difficult. So we parked our bike in a nearby lane. From there we walked up to gate number seventeen. The ambience there was very festive. I can remember some mela of my small hometown in my childhood days. Some vendors were selling t-shirts of RCB and DD. Few were doing jobs of painting your cheeks with your favorite team or player names. A long queue was waiting for us. Security was tight but it was not a problem for viewers. We entered the stadia through ground floor gate only so that we can get a close view of field. And for our surprise we managed to get seat near cheerleader’s stand. In the first row of our stand G, mild lathicharge by police was happening because of crazy people, so we took seats in third or fourth row.

It was still sunny and seating there was not easy and particularly on stairs is not good. Crowd was cheering for players who were practicing on net near our fence. Before the match will start, Deepika Padukon had a round on a motor bagghi and we saw her from very nearby. I must say she is a beauty. Then comes the cheerleaders and crowd went noisy. Cheerleaders are really professional and they entertained the crowd with a great energy. Its really a tough task and they must get appreciation for this. Finally a toss happened and match got started. We came to support the RCB but it got lost. But the best thing about IPL is you will always win. This show has everything to make you love it. And why you, everybody is a winner here. It’s a real paisa wasool show.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Trip to The Big Banyan

After sleeping at two am its very difficult to get up early morning, but still I managed to wake up at five and half. I was excited for a trip on bike, which I planned sometime back. It was not very far from Bangalore but The Big Banyan tree at Ramohalli and Manchinabele Dam somewhat forty five kilometers away. So we met at six thirty near Staples to start a wonderful trip. We were seven; I, Deepak, DNC, Mukil, Vishal, Satish and Vijay, as Praveen just cancelled on last night. It was a beautiful morning though it was cloudy. As Satish's bike got punctured after little distance, he just went back. We decided to stop at Kengeri, have tea and restart. I and Mukil were together but got confused in outer ring road and reached at Kengeri check post little later. Still weather was cold. We had tea and went nearby Ganesha temple on Mysore road. DNC took some photos as nothing can be a better start then a photo session with Ganesha.

Now we started again and all of six on four bikes were following each other. At dental college we took right turn and came on a small but good road. Nursery on both sides was making the scenery more beautiful. You can just put your bike on forty and enjoy watching. At eight thirty we reached The Big Banyan tree. Though it was not so big what we thought but its worth coming here. We parked our bike nearby and entered the premises as it is fenced. We looked for the root of the tree and climbed on one thick branch. We had a couple of shots from DNC's camera. After a round of the big Banyan we came out and decided to go for some Tiffin. There were few dhabas there. We went in one and had Idly. It was delicious but charged very high.

It was time to start for Dam. We asked for road to dam and reached there in fifteen minutes as this was hardly ten kilometers from there. Reservoir is a beauty and is surrounded by hills. We had a round of reservoir. At one place we took some photos too. At nearby few young guys were enjoying in water so we parked our bike there. We changed to shorts and entered into water. We had fun in water and photography is always by default there. After having a good time in reservoir we started back for Bangalore. In between when we reached the big banyan tree, we saw a number of people who reached there to visit the big banyan.The roads were really good and driving your Hunk is full of fun. It was a good trip except I got caught by traffic policeman for entering into wrong lane and paid a hundred rupees.